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Androgel Lawsuits For Side Effects

Androgel, or androcisin, as it is more popularly known, was approved as a prescription drug by the FDA in January of 1988. In a time when many other pharmaceutical products were being heavily marketed, Androgel, the name itself, has remained relatively unknown, even to those who work within the drug manufacturing field.

There have been many cases of adverse reaction to Androgel since its approval. The most common side effects include depression, dizziness, stomach cramps, diarrhea, fatigue, restlessness, sleep problems, allergic reactions, heartburn, headaches, and nausea. However, the amount of these side effects that occur are very small compared to the positive results that occur from the use of the drug.

Although the FDA has not issued a statement on the issue of Androgel lawsuits for side effects, the Food and Drug Administration has acknowledged the existence of such claims against the drug. In a statement released last March, FDA spokesperson Barbara Crawford said that the agency “is aware of three lawsuits filed by patients claiming that their symptoms were attributed to the use of Androgel, and it is reviewing those claims. We do not know if and when any of the claims will be resolved in court.”

It is not clear why there would be so many side effects associated with this drug. It is believed that the drug has a rather strong and prolonged effect on the blood supply of the body. Some medical experts argue that the increased production of platelets could be causing some of the adverse effects, although the exact cause is unknown. In addition to the blood clotting issues, there are also the problems associated with the effects of the drug on the digestive system.

In the event that you develop side effects from taking Androgel, you are strongly advised to seek medical attention. If, after speaking with your doctor, you are still unsure whether you have experienced an adverse reaction, you are encouraged to go to the FDA for a second opinion. An experienced and highly qualified toxicologist will be able to help you determine whether your symptoms were caused by the drug, and if they were, which side effects occurred.

Another thing to consider, in the case of Androgel lawsuits for side effects, is that this drug can be dangerous in large doses. Over one hundred and twenty milligrams can cause a severe heart attack, and stroke. If you do experience any of these symptoms, you must consult with your doctor immediately. Your doctor will most likely be able to recommend another type of drug that will better handle your current condition.

While a lawsuit does not always prove that side effects were caused by the drug, the fact of the matter is that lawsuits will continue to surface. If you suffer any of the aforementioned side effects, you may wish to speak with your doctor about your options, including the possibility of filing a lawsuit.

While side effects cannot be proven and never can completely prove that there were no problems with your health prior to taking the drug, it is possible that a lawsuit will help you file a claim against the company that developed the drug. If you have experienced side effects, make sure that you talk to your doctor before taking any medications, even over-the-counter ones.

While lawsuits will not always prove that Androgel lawsuits for side effects caused your problems, they do show that there are other people who have had the same problems. You should consider this fact as an opportunity to speak with your physician about the benefits of a lawsuit.

As mentioned earlier, side effects can occur in small amounts. They do not cause permanent damage, but they can lead to medical complications and may result in more expensive medications being prescribed to treat the problem. While this can be a concern, it should not stop you from filing a lawsuit against the company that developed the drug.

Although not all lawsuits that are filed in the court of law will win, those that do will allow you the opportunity to get compensation for the financial damage that was done to your body as well as the pain and suffering that was caused by the drug. You may be surprised at how quickly this can help pay off medical bills and cover medical expenses as a result of your illness.

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