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Boost Mobile Class Action Lawsuit

This is the Boost Mobile Class Action Lawsuit. This is a legal complaint that was filed against Boost Mobile, an online cell phone game company. It’s been alleged that Boost Mobile violated patents related to an application that allows you to play virtual cell phones and makes money from doing so. Many folks are calling this a scam, but others have stated that it is a legitimate class action lawsuit. We will find out more as this story unfolds.

Boost Mobile has responded with a legal letter denying all of the claims made in the class action lawsuit.

The entire case has now been turned over to the lawyers. It’s critical that this case is handled quickly because some folks are saying that this could be a huge example of a “rip off” and others are stating that it is nothing more than an over-priced lawsuit. You’ll find the facts to be different on both sides of this debate. We’ll find out more as this story develops.

It looks like the boost mobile class action lawsuit may be headed for a trial, which would be the end of this issue.

In any event, this is an opportunity for you if you own a Boost Mobile cell phone to voice your complaints about these kinds of business practices. It would also be a chance to put the spotlight on a company that many people feel should be held accountable for what they are doing. You’ll need to be careful how you go about this, though, because you want to make sure you don’t get sued. We’ll keep you updated as the story develops.

48 thoughts on “Boost Mobile Class Action Lawsuit

  1. I would love to be involved in this fight. I have been using this service for 4 yrs. Been stuck on the side of the road multiple times couldn’t even call 911. Also just got told after using WIFI all month I only have 1 gig of high speed data left.

    1. Same problems. Have unlimited data and apparently used all 35 gigs of unlimited data I’m 13 days 😂😂😂 bought the new Moto came with broken sim card was screw over in my plan giving the wrong one charged more for being a new customer instead of getting the deal it’s been 60 days still haven’t gotten the sim card and have a phone bill I’m paying for to with a phone I cant use. Call the FCC office they’ll pick up a lawsuit for you after 30 businesses days

    2. Boost mobile is a complete scam even down to auto pay.
      And ive been trying to get phone shut off they havent done it yet.
      Cant get refunded $103 cause they said boost one app was on auto pay it was not..
      Plus they keep makeing bill go up since dec. I lower it back down to $50 and they add it up to $60..
      This company should be shout down..
      I have 3 ticket numbers to shut account off already transfered number to a new company on 5/1 and should be off 5/10..on 5/11 they took $103 said i put auto pay on …and its a lie cause dec i turned off auto pay and change cards i pay with since then ive had double charges and 10 then 11 dollars…
      They owe me more but waitin for tommarrow for them to resolution of ticket to shut off phones and to send back my money..
      Call 10 times still waiting for just this months charge on card ..
      They owe more cause ive been getting robed since dec.. They are the worse service ever and ive payed it for 5 years…

  2. Something has to be done when you pay so much for a wireless company. You pay for data as a hotspot and regular data. Please investigate. I was ripped, looking for a location but the data I paid for was limited because I used the 15 gigs of the hotspot, which also takes away from the 35 gigs that I initially paid for. I couldn’t give directions to 911 because of the data limitations. Don’t sell unlimited if you’re going to allow ripe to happen when you feel like I reached my unlimited data.

  3. I just joined boost about a month ago, bought a phone, had it lost/stolen, asked for refund due to refusal to replace, got phone back and it’s over their 7 day policy won’t refund me my money oh and got double charged and had an employee take my payment and not post it, they are thieves and liers and I want my money

    1. Sadly, you most likely won’t get it. It amazes me how they can cheat customers regularly and still be in business. Probably have some big money backing them so they can get away with this garbage.

  4. They say unlimited data bullshit is what I say then they want more money for what is supposed to be unlimited. I’d like to sue them for breach of contract.

    1. I pay 77.00 a month for unlimited data and an extra 10 for more data. It goes out before month Is over. That’s not fair. Also the signal always goes out and you can’t make any calls are use data. They don’t try to give you something off your bill which is ridiculous, new company you can’t change your plans if your bill is not paid. Which I don’t think is fair some people can’t afford the plain and need to change to pay bill. Been with company over 5 years. YES I WANT TO JOIN LAWSUIT!!!!

  5. I agree about the millions of spam calls I’ve been getting through boost, as well as I pay for two lines of unlimited, and right before I’m going to pay my bill, they send me a message saying that I used up my internet, and it’s starts running real slow, I pay for unlimited, and this new incident, they stole money off my account, I have recipe that I made two payments in November, making my bill paid up to January 28, well that somehow have made that money disappear, and saying that I owe again on the 28 and I already paid December’s bill! I’m going down there tomorrow to find out what’s going on, because I can customer service, that won’t put a supervisor on the phone, and will not give me any last names nor employ numbers, I think they, steal money, from within. Be careful if you have credit on your account, they will steal it..

    1. The same thing happens to me all the time so since they were hacked I went into boost to pay my bill days before it was due and they saud their systems were down and I couldn’t pay. I went back everyday for them to say was account was suspended. 1. Reason was because they were hacked a security precaution and then they said it was for non payment when they wouldn’t accept a payment in person. Besides my service was off as soon as they got hacked and I still paid and was never late in payments for 3 years. This company is total bullshit and not to mention the outrageous bill. Pay for unlimited data and calls and then you don’t have any at all? What is that about. I agree with all you other people on this.

  6. I signed up for and payed for an unlimited talk text plan with “NO DATA CAPS” also with a separate 30gigs of hotspot and now suddenly there are data Caps and the hotspot takes away from regular data. Throttles down to 124 or 128 kbps. Back to the dialup AOL days. Nothing work on that speed. I know T-Mobile is trying to kill boost mobile but violating our terms and conditions and or contracts is obsurd. Lawsuit please!!!

  7. This is the double standard it lie wrapped on a nice paper package.. There is no cap on the amount of data you use, nor do we charge for any quantity of data usage above any particular amount. We simply reduce the throughput data speeds once you exceed your plan’s high-speed data allotment. During this time, you may experience longer load times for certain web pages and downloads as well as a degraded streaming experience from some content providers and/or applications. This was forced upon us. I never signed up for this or was notified that my original plan was scrapped. But they still continued to take my money with out warning.

  8. I too see the need of this lawsuit against boost. They are not honest to their customers and are ripping people off. I replace my old phone with a new one in which I have yet to be able to use the darn thing. The in person customer service almost caused me to get some serious jail time. These people need to pay for the suffering the customers have had to deal with.

    1. Boost will not unlock my Galaxy A32 for a year. I bought the phone. No contract! In my area they can no longer performe the service. I want out!

    1. I just call them 2 days ago letting them know how bad there servie is and the lies the tell i text them and said this will be my last month* they don’t stand up to what they promise* please add me*

  9. Would like to add in how they tell you , you aren’t under a contract, but yet your phone is locked to them and you cant go anywhere else as they won’t unlock your phone until the 12 months are up even though I bought my phone from them and paid it in full I did not sign anything stating that the phone was locked or that I was signing a contract, and that it can only be unlocked if I stay for 12 months when you sign up and activate your phone nothing alerts you to this, when you ask a question about it they direct you to their policy which is hard to find, meaning you have to go through a lot of links or come right and ask them, not only that but they disabled wifi calling, making us rely on their network which in my home gives me a lot of dropped calls, calls not going through either incoming or outgoing.

  10. I would like to see Boost Mobile sued. For multiple reasons. First, for not clearly defining their policies, such as data caps, etc. Second, for taking forever to refund money for returned phones. Third, for not offering any sort of compensation for problems either natural or they caused.

  11. What they are doing is illegal. @Cliff I have to same issue, bought a brand new phone and have not been able to use it. It came locked and I will not be able to unlock until 12 months of active account with Boost. This was never a policy before. I changed my carrier and ended up with a waste of an iphone.

    This company is a scam and MUST be brought down.

    1. I am in same boat. I bought a phone from boost mobile outright. There service was getting so poor I wanted to change service. They have my new phone locked for year,which was up June 2023. This is fraudulent action to consumers. They don’t follow their own unlocking policy. Customer service talks in circles. I even have an older phone I purchased from them outright 2019 and want to give to a relative. Boost won’t unlock because I’m no longer a customer with them. Why are they able to continue doing this with no consequence? I will join a lawsuit to get these aggregious practices stopped and compensation for the consumer.

  12. Every single day Boost is harassing us to get a new phone to be compatable with their new sim, Care services.

    I was in the hospital last week. My husband was trying to call me for an update on my condition. A Boost woman was on his phone blocking his call to me until he talked to her about a new phone. Even after he said he was calling me at the hospital she continued with her script. After I was home I called Boost to complain. Being on his line before his call can be placed is unacceptable! Invasion of privacy. No different than tapping a line without consent of the customer. We pay 79.00 a month for our phone service. Paid until 4/21/2022. Boost isn’t paying the bill..we are. Our account. Our phone numbers. For our use. If Boost wants to be on our lines they should pay the bill!
    I call my brother in California every day since Covid. Every time I have tried to call my brother a 30 second message about getting a new phone comes on before the call can be put through. Then most of the time the call is dropped and I have to repeat the process.
    This is In addition to the daily text messages to get a new phone to be compatible with their new sim.
    I have had it. Their service is atrocious and they should not be allowed to do business.
    We changed service to Xfinity. Then I had to argue with 2 boost people today to get my account # to port out our phones and keep our same phone numbers which we had long before our service with Boost. She point blank asked me if I wanted my acct num to port out our phones. None of her business! My phone..i pay the bill. I had to threaten a lawsuit before I got my acct number to call Xfinity and have our new phones activated. This is where I am now. I sure hope the acct num is correct.
    They need to be shut down!

  13. Hoodwinked into buying a 5g phone because my Samsung s8+ was not 5g compliant. Now I’m in a “contract” and my Samsung A32 is held hostage and locked. This is piracy. Class action suite must be filed.

  14. Lawsuit against Boostmobile on April 19 2022 I called Costumer Service to change my plan from 25 plan to the 50 plan unlimited internet , the girl name Sara told me it $25.84 so I payed , and she told me that in 15 minutes my plan will change to the 50 plan, it did not happened I called again and a guy Charles took my call and told me I had to put another $25.84 to change to the 50 plan because it was not $25.84 it’s $50 so April 21 2022 I went to the store and pay $25.84 and I waited nothing happened still on plan of 25 and these people had me the run around from April 19 to this day May 1 2022 I lost days of work because I work with my phone I deliver for Door Dash, I had to pay $26 dollars for they won’t turn my phone off and they keep handing up on me everything I mention my $50 they caused me headaches and stress because I couldn’t do deliveries thanks to boost mobile .

  15. All telecommunications companies need pimp slapped with a Huge fine where their stocks crash to zero 🤣😋. T-Mobile, At&t, Verizon all use this data fine print unlimited data dung.
    To be true of unlimited first in the fine print the 4gb a month Unlimited data text there fore makes it null of their unlimited data claims and fine print.
    next, they charge add ons that’s should not be required for the Full manifestation of a true unlimited data plan.
    next they throttle content after the 4 gb to near the speed of windows 95 dial up modem speeds after the cap limit is reached. yes your still getting data at the cap speed however you’re apps that rely on faster than 56kb don’t benefit. so yes because of the data cap of 4gb they are not being 100% honest and need to be humbled.

  16. I have proof concerning payments made in April 2022. Boost took 100.00 from my checking account without my arthoriation and from a phone number on my account which was not my primary account number. It was verify and return to my checking account before my phones was disconnected on May 7.2022 bur restored on the same day. On July 20, 2022.the phones was turn off again because April payment was return to my account.

  17. Boost mobile is such a scam! I had been a loyal customer for years..all thru the COVID lockdown, most people utilized their phone according to the way the service was advertised, Unlimited calls. Un limited texts, unlimited data..its the scam we were all sold! They disconnected my long term phone number… years worth of clients , business connects , family , friends, just taken from me and it wasnt due to non payment..NO! They claimed that I violated some sort of contract where in I 1. made and received too many calls ( during a pandemic),2. made and recieved too many texts messages ( mind you, the world was in the throes of a pandemic!!) and 3. conducted too many conference calls ( AGAIN DURING A PANDEMIC) I used my service the way millions of other people used theirs, as ADVERTISED and they disconnected my number and when I complained they said the number was permamnently no longer available!!
    Against my better judgement, they offered me a new phone under a promotion that wasnt advertised in their store nor some sorta super secret, we messed up type of promotion. Two weeks later..TWO WEEKS LATER!!!!, they did it again and said I conducted fraud!!! LIVID is an understatement at this point. I will never deal with BOOST again , if only to join a class action to sue their sorry behinds!!!

  18. Yes the I signed up for the unlimited plan and it was limited along with the data. I purchased boost mobile phone in the process and had difficulty with service and problems.

  19. Was a customer for years with boost. No problems! Then 2021 said had to get a new SIM card . After SIM card was put in my phone. I received awful service. My phone would not receive calls. I couldn’t dial out. This went on for months. Went to store talked – got new chip. No better. Got worse! We to store asked what to do. He said they are working on towers! I was paying for NO service. My husband was having a heart attack at home. I could not call 911. Went outside for better service- nothing. My Husband died on the way to hospital. I am emotionally and mental sick of how I could NOT help him. I want to take to court – can’t find a lawyer to take the case!

  20. Boost Mobile did not honor my insurance claim for my phone they gave me the runaround for 6 months and kept blocking me access and then said I was expired they left me without a replacement phone with no remorse or consideration for my time energy and expense I would like to be part of a class action suit against Boost Mobile

  21. Boost mobile sent a message to have my payment on Jan 4th and my payment was on auto draft on 9th
    I made a payment on the 4th then I was told my service could not be restored . I requested a refund. The next day they reinstated my service also they were supposed to take my payment off of auto draft but another payment was withdrawn on the 10th

  22. Boost mobile has tons of issues: first the unlimited data plan is now being capped. Second, they offer phones online for a deal of 9.99, but it will not allow you to purchase it for that price at all. I have been arguing with them all morning (2/17/2023) with this false advertisement. My next step is to seek legal counsel. I am trying to purchase these phones at this price being advertised because they stated within 3 months every one will have to be on the new network, which means purchasing new phone. Which they have yet to send out notice for that, yet another issue with them.

  23. Service has been out for 2 weeks. a heart patient with no phone service. boost claim they are trying to fix the problem this is unacceptable. keep getting the same i am sorry notice frrom them can someone reading this report to news i have no phone to call anyone. I know my family is worried.

  24. Service has been out for 2 weeks. a heart patient with no phone service. boost claim they are trying to fix the problem this is unacceptable. keep getting the same i am sorry notice from them can someone reading this report to news i have no phone to call anyone. I know my family is worried.

  25. As of today my Boost phone is due. Tried to make my payment as I have done for 13 years just to find out the network is down. Because I can’t pay my bill I can’t make, or receive calls or texts. I haven’t been happy with the service for some time now but it’s such a pain to change carriers because Boost locks your phone. I have medical issues and need to be able to make contact concerning this. Not to mention I just want what I pay for. Also the unlimited data is a lie. The coverage sucks. I am interested in this lawsuit. Companies like this have to take accountability for shoddy service and down right lies. I am going to try tomorrow to change carriers but I don’t have high expectations. All people want is fair service for the price we pay.

    1. I have been a Boost customer a little over 13 years and it sickens me that this mess is not in the Media. After not being able to pay my bill having been told that due to the issues Boost was having, I could skip a month, this is after a month of no service on (2) phones. The second phone, purchased from Boost in February 2023. It began as problem. I kept receiving calls and emails regarding (2) other peoples overdue debts. This phone was to assist my need for extra income. I tried and failed with Instacart and other retailers. Instacart sent to my address a Credit Card with this other dudes name on it. This is the guy that was on my phone. Of course no us. I went back to the Boost and they said some company must have used the same number and they would give me a new number. Since March the phone barely worked a couple days I could barely learn the capacity of the phone. Both my phones are off now as they say I did not pay my bill. WHY would I pay a bill that I am not receiving service? I moved to T-MobiIe. But the phone i purchased from Boost is blocked by these crooks. Icould go on but….. WE NEED TO GET TOGETHER COMMUNICATION WISE. I CONTACTED A LARGE LAW FIRM THAT SAID THEY COULD NOT TAKE MY CASE. ONE PERSON WILL MAKE NO MONEY FOR A LAWFIRM. STRENGTH IS IN NUMBERS!!! THE ONLY WAY TO PULL THIS OFF IS AS MANY AS POSSIBLE STICK TOGETHER. DOLLAR SIGNS $$$$ ADD UP, SOMEONE WILL TAKE OUR CASE.

  26. Boost mobile is fraudulent on every level all of my information has been breached them when I called to port out to another company they stated that the number I had wasn’t theirs when clearly they activated my phone. An this is why I keep my bank statements.

    1. I got caught up dead in the middle of boost security outbreak couldn’t receive any text messages receive any phone calls any alerts notifications speak with anyone and when I did they couldn’t tell me anything promising no more than there was a security outbreak they were trying to resolve the problem which left me without services for quite a while boost mobile data breach

  27. Boost Mobile overcharge. They will charge me twice on two different cards, I no longer have them as a carrier of my mobile phone. I hope there is a litigation against them soon

  28. Boost mobile has been robbing me for 10 years. I want to sue these bastards. I want proper service or my 10 years money back. I been with boost since they switched from nextel

  29. Slowed down data because I won’t use the internet to make phone calls when I pay a phone company that doesn’t deliver. Spam calls beaten up even though I am registered with the FTC do not call list! Can’t send text with pictures most of the time. Pathetic and a case action needs filed due to slowing data!!!

  30. i had a issue with them in may of this year 05\2023 were they charged me 4 times in a single day did a dispute on them for that now they cancel my service twice saying i owe them money i wish i can get a lawyer to do a lawsuit

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