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Boost Mobile Class Action Lawsuit

This is the Boost Mobile Class Action Lawsuit. This is a legal complaint that was filed against Boost Mobile, an online cell phone game company. It’s been alleged that Boost Mobile violated patents related to an application that allows you to play virtual cell phones and makes money from doing so. Many folks are calling this a scam, but others have stated that it is a legitimate class action lawsuit. We will find out more as this story unfolds.

Boost Mobile has responded with a legal letter denying all of the claims made in the class action lawsuit.

The entire case has now been turned over to the lawyers. It’s critical that this case is handled quickly because some folks are saying that this could be a huge example of a “rip off” and others are stating that it is nothing more than an over-priced lawsuit. You’ll find the facts to be different on both sides of this debate. We’ll find out more as this story develops.

It looks like the boost mobile class action lawsuit may be headed for a trial, which would be the end of this issue.

In any event, this is an opportunity for you if you own a Boost Mobile cell phone to voice your complaints about these kinds of business practices. It would also be a chance to put the spotlight on a company that many people feel should be held accountable for what they are doing. You’ll need to be careful how you go about this, though, because you want to make sure you don’t get sued. We’ll keep you updated as the story develops.

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