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Boost Mobile Class Action Lawsuit

This is the Boost Mobile Class Action Lawsuit. This is a legal complaint that was filed against Boost Mobile, an online cell phone game company. It’s been alleged that Boost Mobile violated patents related to an application that allows you to play virtual cell phones and makes money from doing so. Many folks are calling this a scam, but others have stated that it is a legitimate class action lawsuit. We will find out more as this story unfolds.

Boost Mobile has responded with a legal letter denying all of the claims made in the class action lawsuit.

The entire case has now been turned over to the lawyers. It’s critical that this case is handled quickly because some folks are saying that this could be a huge example of a “rip off” and others are stating that it is nothing more than an over-priced lawsuit. You’ll find the facts to be different on both sides of this debate. We’ll find out more as this story develops.

It looks like the boost mobile class action lawsuit may be headed for a trial, which would be the end of this issue.

In any event, this is an opportunity for you if you own a Boost Mobile cell phone to voice your complaints about these kinds of business practices. It would also be a chance to put the spotlight on a company that many people feel should be held accountable for what they are doing. You’ll need to be careful how you go about this, though, because you want to make sure you don’t get sued. We’ll keep you updated as the story develops.

12 thoughts on “Boost Mobile Class Action Lawsuit

  1. I would love to be involved in this fight. I have been using this service for 4 yrs. Been stuck on the side of the road multiple times couldn’t even call 911. Also just got told after using WIFI all month I only have 1 gig of high speed data left.

  2. Something has to be done when you pay so much for a wireless company. You pay for data as a hotspot and regular data. Please investigate. I was ripped, looking for a location but the data I paid for was limited because I used the 15 gigs of the hotspot, which also takes away from the 35 gigs that I initially paid for. I couldn’t give directions to 911 because of the data limitations. Don’t sell unlimited if you’re going to allow ripe to happen when you feel like I reached my unlimited data.

  3. I just joined boost about a month ago, bought a phone, had it lost/stolen, asked for refund due to refusal to replace, got phone back and it’s over their 7 day policy won’t refund me my money oh and got double charged and had an employee take my payment and not post it, they are thieves and liers and I want my money

  4. They say unlimited data bullshit is what I say then they want more money for what is supposed to be unlimited. I’d like to sue them for breach of contract.

  5. I agree about the millions of spam calls I’ve been getting through boost, as well as I pay for two lines of unlimited, and right before I’m going to pay my bill, they send me a message saying that I used up my internet, and it’s starts running real slow, I pay for unlimited, and this new incident, they stole money off my account, I have recipe that I made two payments in November, making my bill paid up to January 28, well that somehow have made that money disappear, and saying that I owe again on the 28 and I already paid December’s bill! I’m going down there tomorrow to find out what’s going on, because I can customer service, that won’t put a supervisor on the phone, and will not give me any last names nor employ numbers, I think they, steal money, from within. Be careful if you have credit on your account, they will steal it..

  6. I signed up for and payed for an unlimited talk text plan with “NO DATA CAPS” also with a separate 30gigs of hotspot and now suddenly there are data Caps and the hotspot takes away from regular data. Throttles down to 124 or 128 kbps. Back to the dialup AOL days. Nothing work on that speed. I know T-Mobile is trying to kill boost mobile but violating our terms and conditions and or contracts is obsurd. Lawsuit please!!!

  7. This is the double standard it lie wrapped on a nice paper package.. There is no cap on the amount of data you use, nor do we charge for any quantity of data usage above any particular amount. We simply reduce the throughput data speeds once you exceed your plan’s high-speed data allotment. During this time, you may experience longer load times for certain web pages and downloads as well as a degraded streaming experience from some content providers and/or applications. This was forced upon us. I never signed up for this or was notified that my original plan was scrapped. But they still continued to take my money with out warning.

  8. I too see the need of this lawsuit against boost. They are not honest to their customers and are ripping people off. I replace my old phone with a new one in which I have yet to be able to use the darn thing. The in person customer service almost caused me to get some serious jail time. These people need to pay for the suffering the customers have had to deal with.

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