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Child Support Lawyers Are the Answer

If you’re a parent, New York’s statute states that you’re legally obligated to pay child support in case you don’t live with your children, even if your children have just recently turned eighteen years old. After divorce, then the non-custodial spouse is legally obligated to pay child support for the support and education of your child. This means you can’t simply get out of paying child support because you’re no longer going to live with your children. The court will order you to pay for all of their living expenses as long as you can’t claim to be living elsewhere.

Child support in New York is based on each parent’s income. You will be able to determine which one of you is earning more money and the amount of support you need to pay. You will also be able to determine the type of payments you should make based on how much you earn and what the average of your income is at the moment.

If you earn significantly less than your wife or the nanny’s salary, you won’t be expected to pay child support. However, if your income is considerably higher than the amount the non-custodial spouse earns, he/she will be expected to contribute more. In many cases, you’ll be asked to contribute more if your family has any additional income than the amount you earned from your job. You can also be asked to contribute more if the non-custodial spouse lives in a higher income neighborhood and has many extra expenses to pay off.

Child support lawyers work on a contingency basis. You may have to pay them a certain sum of money in exchange for representation on your behalf. Most child support attorneys won’t work on an hourly rate; they charge you by the hour. If you only hire them once, it’s better to pay the same cost for a full month than to have to hire a new lawyer. Most attorneys will give you a detailed breakdown of how much money they are going to charge you, and when it will come due.

In some cases, child support in New York can be garnished from your bank account. You’ll be required to deposit a percentage of your paychecks into a trust account to pay child support if the court orders it.

Child support attorneys can also give you the option of working with an alternative method for payment of child support if the court decides it’s not in your best interest to pay for this way. One of the most common ways that this can occur is by requiring you to send money to the custodial parent through the mail. In other cases, child support attorneys may be able to negotiate with a judge to have your wages garnished to pay your child support.

Before deciding to use an attorney, be sure to discuss this option with your child support lawyer. He/she can give you advice and give you guidance in choosing the best course of action.

A good child support lawyer is going to be aware of New York’s statute of limitations and your rights, along with other factors that affect your situation. The best lawyers will be willing to negotiate with you on the best way to pay your child support, and will help you work out the best payment plan for you. Your best bet is to hire someone that is highly experienced with child support cases in New York.

Child support lawyers are trained in a variety of laws, and the laws may vary from one state to another. It’s a good idea to check with your state’s bar association to find out what types of attorney they recommend.

Child support lawyers may not always be able to represent children on a joint basis. Joint legal custody requires that both parents agree to meet regularly and make arrangements to support their child. Child support lawyers may also be unable to represent you if you are not eligible to be granted joint legal custody because of your children.

Child support cases can be complex and many variables can be involved in the process. Therefore, hiring a professional that has plenty of experience with this type of case can save you time and money.

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