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Frontier Communications Class Action Lawsuit

A class action complaint contends that Frontier Communications illegally promoted its services through deceptive marketing tactics. The complaint argues that, based on the advertising claims that were made in commercials, defendant represents to prospective customers that there are no installation fees, activation fees or any other miscellaneous expenses other than the advertised “advertised price” of the service plans offered by the defendant.

Subsequent to that, the complaint argues that defendant provides a free service and does not require an initial deposit. In other words, this lawsuit charges that the defendant has engaged in a scheme of deception, fraud and/or unfair practices.

There is a class action complaint filed against defendant that involves claims that the defendant violated the FDCPA when it sold its broadband Internet service plan without requiring the customer to purchase any hardware or equipment to be able to use the service. According to the complaint, the defendant made false promises to the public when it came to selling its broadband Internet service plan. For example, defendant represented to potential customers that they would not need to purchase any type of equipment or hardware in order to receive their broadband Internet service, according to the complaint. In addition, defendant falsely represented that all of the equipment that was used in installing its broadband service had been provided by Frontier Communications. When customers finally received the service, they were surprised to discover that it did not come with any of the equipment that had been promised to them in the advertising that was promoted in the commercial.

The class action complaint also charges that the defendant violated the FDCPA by selling its broadband service plan without providing the customers with written information regarding installation and maintenance costs for the broadband service. When the customers actually purchased the service, they discovered that they had to pay all of the fees that were charged on their monthly bill, which included maintenance and installation fees.

This class action complaint seeks damages from defendant for any injuries that have been caused by its conduct and the financial loss that customers have sustained as a result of the defendant’s violations. The lawsuit also seeks monetary damages against defendant that are in excess of one hundred thousand dollars per customer, which is the amount that the FDCPA entitles the class to recover for each customer in the case. In addition to monetary damages, the complaint seeks damages for mental anguish, pain and suffering and property damage.

If you think that you may be a victim of the defendant, you may contact the plaintiffs’ attorneys who filed the complaint and discuss the merits of your case with them. You should ask them if they can provide you with copies of any documents that are required to support the complaint that they filed against the defendant. You should also ask them if they would provide you with copies of any ads that were placed in newspapers or on television that promoted the defendant’s service, as well as any written advertising that was placed on a website or was published in a newspaper. You should ask whether they can provide copies of any testimonials that are provided by former customers that claim to have had problems with the defendant’s service. All of this should be provided as part of your discovery package so that you can prepare the necessary documents to present to the court during a hearing.

It is important to note that while the complaint that was filed against the defendant in United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas is a class action complaint, all plaintiffs will have to individually file a separate complaint to bring suit against the defendant. In many instances, only a portion of the complaint may be filed with the plaintiffs’ attorney, and the other portions may be filed individually with the class certification office.

The complaint was filed on behalf of several customers, including customers of the defendant’s Internet service, and the complaint was filed against defendant on behalf of all customers of the company. It is expected that at least a portion of the complaint will include information about the various costs that customers have incurred by using the defendant’s services.

The Frontier Communications Class Action Complaint provides an excellent opportunity to obtain monetary damages against the defendant for damages incurred due to the defendant’s actions, such as negligence, intentional and negligent conduct, breach of contract, fraudulent concealment, breach of warranty, breach of express or implied consent, fraudulent representation, and other similar claims. If you or someone you know has been injured due to defendant’s conduct, the class action complaint can provide you with a great way to receive monetary damages from the defendant.

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