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What is a GA Lemon Law in Georgia?

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What is a GA Lemon Law in Georgia? Under this law, the manufacturer or dealer is responsible for any repairs or expenses made by a customer related to the purchase of a vehicle. So, if your car has an original problem and is new, you’re covered by the lemon law’s rights up to 2 years from your purchase or until 24,000 total miles, whichever comes first.

But, what if your car was damaged prior to your purchase date and doesn’t qualify as a GA lemon? In that case, you must prove that the manufacturer failed to repair your car or that it sold your car with defects that weren’t covered under the warranty. This means contacting the company and documenting the repairs, the cost involved and any changes you made to the vehicle to make it more usable.

The reason why you have to wait two years or more to file a claim under the GA lemon law is because if the warranty card was used, the law doesn’t cover that transaction. If you bought a used car and used the warranty card, this will not apply. So, when you purchase a new car in Georgia, make sure to check to see if it contains a warranty card.

If your vehicle isn’t under a warranty, it’s important to get some basic information about the law, including when a new car must be brought back to the dealership for an inspection before the new lemon law can apply. Once you have received this paperwork, you’re ready to bring your car in for an inspection.

Inspecting your car yourself isn’t required, so why not let someone else do it? You never know if the company will have their own inspector come out and they’re better equipped to assess your vehicle than you. In addition, having an independent third-party inspector to inspect the car makes you a little bit more comfortable with the decision to purchase the car, so you won’t be as likely to buy the car based on the first impression you’ve been given by the salesman.

The only other way to protect your rights under the GA lemon law is to file an arbitration suit. In this situation, you will have to hire a Georgia lemon law attorney to represent you in the court of law.

The attorney will analyze the facts surrounding your case and determine whether the company acted within the confines of the law. and whether or not you should file a claim against them or not.

If you win your suit, you might be able to obtain monetary damages, replacement vehicle parts and even a complete refund from the company. If the company isn’t willing to compensate you, then you’ll still have the option to seek a refund from the state. But, keep in mind that the entire process can take up to a year or more and if your case does not work out in your favor, you will have to hire another attorney to help you.

If the manufacturer violates the lemon law, it may be illegal to sell the vehicles, no matter what happened to cause the damage. So, if your car was destroyed because the battery died while it was in the air, you’ll have to prove that the company knew about the problem.

If the company failed to warn consumers, this will be more problematic. For instance, if the company knew that the battery would be replaced after about 30 days, and your car didn’t last that long, it may be difficult to prove that they should have warned you. This can be very costly, as it requires many hours of your time in the courtroom.

You may also have the right to sue the car’s owner. If you find that you purchased a lemon and were not treated fairly, you have the right to take the car back to the dealer and buy a different car from the original manufacturer. A reputable lemon law attorney will help you make this decision.

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