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ISLP’s Vice Chair, Craig Owen White

ISLP has recently appointed Craig Owen White as its Vice-Chair. Based in New York City and London, ISLP works to provide pro bono legal services in developing countries, leverage global legal resources, and promote just legal frameworks. A practicing attorney in the private sector, Craig Owen White also serves on the board of directors of the Western Reserve Land Conservancy and regularly lectures on global commerce, enterprise governance, and the role of the law in global affairs. He is currently presenting an ISLP volunteer commercial law training program in Zambia, Zimbabwe, and South Africa.

Average hourly rate

The average hourly rate for an international senior lawyer is $920 per hour, according to the International Senior Lawyers Project (Islip). The hourly rate varies widely depending on the type of work and department you are working in. Some lawyers earn more than others, with some earning up to $104 an hour. If you’re interested in making more money as an international lawyer, consider working in New York City.

The District of Columbia has the highest lawyer hourly rate, averaging $380. This is up 8.4% from last year. Other states with the highest hourly rates include New York, California, Nevada, and Illinois. In addition to these states, lawyers in New York and Connecticut report that their hourly rate is more than $300. In 2010, only 14 percent of lawyers in Texas reported an hourly rate over $300. Nevertheless, the average hourly rate for a senior lawyer in the District of Columbia was higher than that of a senior partner.

The International Senior Lawyers Project (Islip) also reported a spike in IP activity, which favors the firm because of the complexity of the work and the time commitment required. Among the 30 practice areas tracked by Clio, Intellectual Property is the highest, at $351 per hour. The top 10 practice areas are all over $300 per hour, with Bankruptcy, Corporate/Sale of Goods, Employment/Labor, and Trusts all exceeding that level.

Companies near International Senior Lawyers Project (Islip)

Are you looking for a new job? You can apply to a variety of jobs at the International Senior Lawyers Project (Islip). The salary range at ISLP varies, with an average hourly rate of $920. Salary ranges may differ according to the job and department. Individual pay rates can also depend on the skill set of the applicant. To learn more about the salary range at ISLP, check out the table below.

The International Senior Lawyers Project is an independent nonprofit organization that mobilizes top-tier pro bono legal support to develop countries. They provide legal services to governments, civil society actors, and social enterprises. ISLP’s services are provided in the fields of accountability and transparency, community-inclusive development, media law, social enterprise, and innovative finance. Its projects and services are not only aimed at promoting justice but also at building capacity within the countries that receive these services.

Average salary

The average salary for international senior lawyers is $1,912,773. Individual salaries may vary, depending on the location, department, and skills of the individual. This salary guide also varies by job title and experience. Below is a table detailing the salary ranges of various senior attorneys, including those who work for the International Senior Lawyers Project. Listed below are some of the most common job titles. To view a complete list of job descriptions, click the links below.

While law firms across the globe offer competitive compensation packages, their salaries are still significantly lower than those of their peers. For example, a first-year associate at a midsize firm earns an annual salary of $126,500, while an associate at a large international law firm can earn between $71,200 and $158,000. The pay gap between the two sectors is growing as mergers and acquisitions take place, but many lawyers are still pursuing their dream job.

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