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Johnson Utilities Lawsuit

The Johnson Utilities Lawsuit: What You Need to Know

Ever heard of a class-action lawsuit against a water utility company? If you live in Arizona, specifically the San Tan Valley, the name Johnson Utilities might ring a bell – and if it doesn’t, buckle up, because this story might affect you (and your wallet).

Here’s the gist: back in 2017, a class-action lawsuit was filed against Johnson Utilities, alleging that they unlawfully increased water and wastewater rates through, shall we say, unethical means. Think bribery of a state regulator. Yikes!

Now, Johnson Utilities vehemently denied any wrongdoing, and the court never officially declared them guilty. But guess what? Both sides decided to settle the case out of court instead of dragging it on (think legal fees the size of a small island). This settlement meant creating a pool of over $10 million to compensate affected customers.

So, who’s affected? If you were a Johnson Utilities customer between October 1, 2011, and December 14, 2021, you might be entitled to a piece of that pie. Even if you’re no longer a Johnson Utilities customer (maybe you switched to EPCOR, who took over later), you’re still in the game.

How do you get your share? No need to break out the shovels and buckets. The settlement is being handled by a court-appointed administrator, and they’ll automatically distribute the funds to eligible customers. Expect a one-time credit on your bill, likely in April 2023. Think of it as an unexpected thank you for, well, just paying your water bill.

Want to know more? Dive deeper with these handy resources:

The Johnson Utilities Settlement Website:
EPCOR’s announcement:
Frequently Asked Questions:

Remember, this is just a summary. For the latest updates and all the legal mumbo jumbo, be sure to check out the official sources. And hey, if you’re unsure whether you qualify, reach out to the settlement administrator – they’re there to help!


1. I never heard about this lawsuit. Why wasn’t I notified?

The lawsuit was filed in 2017, and there may have been notifications at the time. However, the settlement was reached later, and the administrator might still be working on identifying all eligible customers.

2. What if I didn’t get a credit on my bill?

Contact the settlement administrator immediately. They can help you verify your eligibility and troubleshoot any issues.

3. Can I get a cash refund instead of a bill credit?

Unfortunately, no. The settlement agreement specifies bill credits to minimize administrative costs.

4. What if I moved out of the area?

As long as you were a Johnson Utilities customer during the eligible period, you’re still entitled to a credit, regardless of your current location.

5. Is this settlement a guarantee that I’ll get money?

The settlement fund has been established, but the exact amount each customer receives will depend on the total number of valid claims.

6. Do I need a lawyer to get my share?

No. The settlement administrator will handle the distribution process, and legal representation is not necessary.

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