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Legal Action of Wisconsin is an all-volunteer law firm that provides free legal aid to low-income groups and people in legal matters. They provide representation to people who are denied access to social programs and economic support. Cases involve housing, welfare and income. The lawyers are also involved in civil rights litigation. Their services are given at no cost as a matter of policy.

Legal Aid in Wisconsin is funded by the state, through various levels of government. Some of these programs are listed on the web at the Office of the Attorney General. You can browse the sites of the individual states where the Law Center is situated to learn more about this program and how it can benefit you. The services are given free of charge for people who have a need.

The service provided by the Law Center provides guidance in cases that involve issues of discrimination and harassment. In these cases, if you are a victim or have been a victim of discrimination, you should consult with a lawyer who can help you.

It is necessary to consult a lawyer who has a record of handling such cases because the Civil Rights Act protects all Americans regardless of race, gender or economic status. Your lawyer should have the knowledge and experience to protect your interests as an American citizen. It is also important to ensure that the lawyer you select is licensed to practice law in the state that you live in.

Most attorneys providing legal assistance with civil rights litigation are lawyers of the Wisconsin Bar Association. A number of these attorneys specialize in this area of law. Lawyers may also practice in the other state areas that have similar laws pertaining to civil rights. Before you choose an attorney, you should ask for references so that you can compare the results of different attorneys with respect to the work they have done.

If you are not covered by an insurance plan for Medicaid or a private insurance plan for your health, the Legal Aid Wisconsin program may be able to assist you with legal aid. If you need help but you do not have health coverage, a lawyer may also be able to help you fill out a Medicaid application. in order to get legal aid in paying for your health care.

The staff members of the Legal Aid of Wisconsin office are committed to serving people who are in need of legal help. They can provide you with information and advice on how to navigate the local court system. and how to prepare and file for a case.

An attorney who works in the Legal Aid of Wisconsin office is known by their Title I license number, which is not displayed publicly. A number of the attorneys also are board members of the Wisconsin Bar Association.

If you are unable to find a lawyer in the Law Office, you may contact the Wisconsin Bar Association. The WBA can provide you with a list of attorneys who are members of the association.

The Wisconsin Bar Association can also refer you to attorneys who are members of the bar of Wisconsin. They can also provide you with legal advice when the need arises.

In many cases, the Law Center may be able to refer you to another attorney if you find one that does not meet your needs. If your case is complex, it may take some time to investigate your situation and find an appropriate attorney.

You should always choose an attorney carefully when you are considering legal assistance. Make sure that the attorney you choose has a reputation for providing good legal assistance.

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