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LG Water Hammer Lawsuit

LG was recently sued by a man who claimed that the company’s water hammer could ruin his car. The man purchased a LG stainless steel water hammer from LG and used it to clean the inside of his car. When the cleaning was complete he cleaned off his hands with a cloth. While cleaning his car, the stainless steel tool struck his hand and injured it. Now the man is seeking compensation for the injury.

This lawsuit has been turned into a TV program called “Hammer” on LG stations.

It’s been viewed by many people. This case is not about negligence per se, but about what a company should know before using its product. The question posed to LG is this: do you care about your customer’s safety or will you just use whatever you want to and not bother about what you put on your hands? Let’s look at this more closely.

LG was sued because the tool was defective. Its tagline is “clean with a touch”.

What does that mean? How could you possibly clean your car with something that has been clogged in a bottle or tin and is therefore ineffective to clean your car? LG claims that the product is so safe that it won’t clog up in a tin or bottle.

But what about another aspect of this lawsuit, which deals with the way that the tool was used in this case. A clean floor in the office is hard to come by, so to speak. What will happen if you have a water hammer and you use it on a wet floor? You are bound to get a hand injury.

This lawsuit is not about negligence per se. It’s about the fact that the product is marketed as “cleaning with a touch”. You can easily clean the inside of your car with this device, but LG needs to be more careful when selling it to the general public.

So how do you know if this device is safe?

The device must meet certain safety standards, according to the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration. For one thing, it has to be made out of non-toxic material. Also, the hand injury part of the device must allow users to easily disconnect it from the water supply. Finally, you should never hook the unit to your bare hands.

If you don’t believe that LG was trying to make this device safe for kids, then you might want to look into another case where a child was severely injured because of this machine.

In this case, the company was sued by a boy who suffered burns all over his body when his toy stove accidentally heated up. As you can see, the problem with this particular LG product isn’t just the fact that it can catch on fire, but that it has no means of stopping itself. A lawsuit in this case forced the company to recall the product and pay damages to the boy’s family.

It’s important that you talk to a lawyer in your state about a potential lawsuit, even if you’re not sure that you have a legitimate case.

This way, you can find out whether or not your particular state has a law that allows you to file a lawsuit without having to go through a state-run jury trial. Basically, you must be able to prove “beyond a reasonable doubt” that the company knowingly sold a dangerous product to the public. So, you have to be able to provide enough evidence to convince a judge or jury. Even if you can’t actually win your lawsuit against LG, you can at least get the company to stop selling their products in your state while you pursue damages for your injuries.

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