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Looking for an Attorney Job in Jacksonville, FL

If you are looking for an attorney job in Jacksonville, FL, you’ve probably already mailed dozens of resumes. Many of these were unresponsive, and you may have even received dozens of rejections. While these statistics are unsettling, they should give you the confidence to continue. Below are a few things you should know to land your new job. Read on to learn about what you can expect from your new position and how to stand out from other candidates.

Employment law firm

Employment law firm attorneys practice all types of litigation, from discrimination and disability claims to wrongful termination. Many of their cases involve violations of the FLSA and FMLA, as well as unfair labor practices and wage and hour issues. Many of these attorneys are certified by the Florida Bar in employment law. These attorneys often represent plaintiffs in state and federal court litigation. They can also handle arbitrations and mediations. The firm is located in Jacksonville.

The firm has been recognized by U.S. News & World Report, as a Tier One law firm in Labor & Employment Litigation and Employment Law for Individuals. This recognition is especially significant in Jacksonville, where the city’s population has grown by 11% since 2010.

Job responsibilities

Attorney jobs in Jacksonville, FL have many facets. As the largest city in Florida, it is also the most populous in the southeastern United States. Originally part of the larger county of Duval, Jacksonville consolidated its government in 1968, giving it its immense size. Today, about 1.5 million people call Jacksonville home. The city is centered along the banks of the St. Johns River. Job responsibilities include preparing and reviewing legal documents, understanding NFL rules and regulations, and negotiating with attorneys and other legal professionals.

A reputable law firm in Jacksonville, Florida is seeking entry-level attorneys with a litigation background and experience in insurance defense litigation. The ideal candidate will possess at least 5 years of experience in the field, and will possess real estate, business valuation, and mediation skills. Candidates must have a law degree from an accredited law school. The working atmosphere is supportive and aggressive, with a small staff of attorneys. For more information, visit our website!


Requirements for attorney jobs in Jacksonville are often very competitive. After sending out dozens of resumes, you’ve likely heard nothing. What’s the best way to stand out? Listed below are some tips. Listed below are some things to keep in mind when applying for a job. As with any job, you should make sure you are qualified for the position. Then, look for job descriptions that match your skill set.

An associate attorney’s background and experience in employment law are required. You must have completed a state or federal clerkship. In this position, you’ll collaborate with teams and clients on various labor-related cases, including personal injury claims. You’ll work closely with team leaders and clients to develop evidence in plaintiff personal injury claims. Experience in corporate transactions is also required. An associate attorney who has a strong M&A background is ideal for this position.


If you’re looking for Firm of attorney jobs in Jacksonville, FL, you’ve come to the right place. The legal field is very competitive, and you’ve probably already submitted dozens of resumes without receiving a response. The following tips will help you get started in your search for the perfect job. Once you’ve found a firm that suits your skills, you’ll be able to take advantage of their resources and apply.

If you’ve been studying law for a while, you’ve likely heard of a position in the legal field. A document review attorney will review documents for legal compliance and provide support to paralegals. The duties of this position will vary from firm to firm, but generally include researching case law and typing client information into a case management system. They’ll also be responsible for tracking deadlines and writing analyses about a case.


A legal job in Jacksonville, FL is extremely competitive. You may have sent out dozens of resumes and received no response. In this tough job market, you need to be creative and use every resource at your disposal. Here are some ways you can make your resume stand out and attract employers’ attention. Read on to discover how to maximize your career opportunities in Jacksonville, FL. Listed below are some of the best options for pursuing an attorney career.

If you’ve got a law degree, a good place to start your search is a top-ranked firm. BCG Attorney Search is looking for a 3+ year associate attorney who has done a state or federal clerkship. The associate attorney will work closely with teams and clients, developing evidence to support plaintiff’s personal injury claims. Those with 6-8 years of M&A experience should look for a senior corporate associate position. This position requires strong negotiation and organizational skills.

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