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Petsmart Class Action Lawsuit

How to Find an Online Class Action Lawsuit Against PetsMart

You are probably thinking, I need to file a PetsMart Class Action Lawsuit against PetsMart together. Well, you can do that. This article explains why. Read on…

What is the story here? Recently, we had a customer who purchased a large breed dog from PetsMart. She obviously had no idea that her new pet, a puppy, would bite and injure children. Several years later, the dog bit a kid in school, and the parents brought the case to the attention of the CPSC, which now is investigating.

The pet store turned out to be one of the most trusted stores in America, so they turned a blind eye, didn’t really want to do anything about it, and even made money off this unfortunate customer. Why? They turned a potential lawsuit into a Class Action Lawsuit.

A Class Action Lawsuit is when multiple plaintiffs bring suit against a person or company, or an array of people and companies for a set amount of money.

Basically, it’s money in compensation. The court then decides who pays the damages and in what amount, if any. So, in this case, the pet store was willing to pay a fine and contribute towards a class, because of the harm that was done to a child.

Why is a Class Action Lawsuit a great option?

For starters, it allows many more people to join your lawsuit. In fact, each person who belongs to the class is a potential member of damages that could be awarded. Because of this, the actual numbers of awards are higher. Additionally, each individual is able to file a claim independently and get paid for their claim, unlike a case handled by a law firm or a corporation.

Another great thing about a PetsMart Class Action Lawsuit is that you don’t have to do any research or writing.

The attorneys file the documents and you simply pay the fee. As an example, let’s say that you had a dog who died. You can choose to pursue a civil lawsuit against the manufacturer, which is likely a more expensive route. Also, you wouldn’t have to seek out a lawyer to file your personal injury claim on your own, as the paperwork is already filed with the manufacturer and you have nothing to do with it.

Now, the downside to this situation is that your pet may not be included in your class, depending on which state the case is filed in. Also, depending on whether or not you chose to pursue the PetMills Class Action Lawsuit, you may have a hard time getting your monetary compensation if the jury is deadlocked. You see, there are certain laws that require juries in some instances to be unanimous in their decision. If all jocks vote a certain way, then the plaintiff must get five hundred votes in the end, but if everyone thinks that the defendant is at fault, then they must lose the case.

But, if you can prove that the manufacturer or retailer intentionally sold an unsafe product, then you can definitely get compensation for your pain and suffering.

And, as long as you are willing to spend the time to research a good class action lawsuit and bring it to court, you should have no problem at all getting the money that you deserve from a PetMills Class Action Lawsuit. You could possibly walk away with more than ten to twenty thousand dollars. But, you need to know what to do in order to find success with this type of class action lawsuit.

One thing you must do is to register with the PetMills class action website. And, once you do, you will need to supply the website with information about your case. And, if it is a pet injury case, then you will need to indicate which injuries were sustained, and how long they have been going bad. You will also be required to include any pictures you have of the injuries, as well as a copy of your official police report, any X-rays, and any medical records.

You should remember that if you have already joined a PetMills Lawsuit, then you will not be allowed to join more than one lawsuit that is being filed against the same company.

So, if the same store is being sued for, say, dog bites, then you cannot join any other PetMills Lawsuit that is filed against that exact same company. However, if the PetMills class action lawsuit that you have joined has already been started, then you are allowed to join as many suits as there are plaintiffs.

If you have been a victim of this crime, then you should know that it is never too late to take advantage of a PetMills Class Action Lawsuit. As long as the original defendant is still in business (i.e. the store that sold you the dog collar), you should have no problem getting a settlement. You might even become the new plaintiff!

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