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Top Dangers Faced By Truck Drivers

Truck driving can be a complicated task. Driving a truck can be twice as challenging as driving a car. Due to the complications truck drivers face, truck accidents can be more likely. The leading causes behind truck accidents are negligence and distracted driving. However, several more factors lead to a truck accident.

Contacting a Texas oilfield accident lawyer in cases where you faced a truck accident due to someone else’s negligence can be essential. As a truck driver, it would help if you were familiar with the dangers faced while driving. Being familiar with such risk factors can help you avoid accidents and stay safe on the road.

Dangers faced while driving a truck:

  • Health problems

Truck driving, in general, is a sedentary job. A truck driver will be required to drive and sit in the truck for extended periods. Such an aspect can lead the truck driver to significant health problems and put them in danger while going.

Once a driver reaches their destination, they often feel exhausted. After driving for long hours, they might need to get healthy meals or necessary rest before the next drive. As a result, truck drivers are forced to eat processed food or restaurant meals to continue working.

  • Lack of sleep

Unfortunately, truck driving introduces drivers to irregular sleep patterns. Lack of sleep can be another common danger faced by several truck drivers due to being on the road for a long time. A truck driver may not get a word in the schedule changes set forth by the employer or company.

Truck drivers are often forced to sleep in the truck, which can be severely uncomfortable. However, several federal regulations govern a truck driver’s break periods. These regulations are implemented to protect the truck driver and other drivers on the road from fatigued truck accidents.

  • Health care

Another danger truck drivers face is often related to health care and insurance. Some truck drivers are self-employed, which can lead them to lack health insurance. Although, drivers having insurance have faced difficulties acquiring the needed medical help in case of a sickness or accident.

Truck drivers drive for long hours, which does not allow them to invest time in seeking medical care and finding a doctor at the earliest. Such factors prevent a truck driver from obtaining regular medical checkups to discover and treat a detected problem.

In a nutshell, the dangers mentioned above can quickly lead a truck driver to an accident. However, truck drivers must not hesitate to hire an attorney in Texas if they face an accident due to another driver’s fault.

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