Laws » How to Know if Your Used Car is a Lemon? Can a Lemon Law Attorney San Diego Help?

How to Know if Your Used Car is a Lemon? Can a Lemon Law Attorney San Diego Help?

Finding a problem-free used car can be tough to do. Knowing how to find an issue in the car that you are buying and how reliable it is can save you from future trouble. And even if you get a car which turns out to be a lemon, can a lemon law attorney San Diego help? Let’s talk more about this.

Reading the Sticker

If you are buying a used car from a dealership, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) requires them to include a buyer’s guide along with the used vehicle. The details in the buyer’s guide must include:

  • If the car is being sold “as is” or without a warranty on it
  • The amount of the repair costs a dealer will pay under the warranty
  • All the major components of the car including all the problems the car has

Checking the Exterior

Take a walk around the car, looking for chips and dents or mismatched doors or any other panels on the car, uneven paint job, and gaps between any parts of the car. You need to do a thorough check if you want to make sure that the car doesn’t have any issues with the exterior. You also need to check for a body filler with a magnet to help you check if there was any body work done on the car. If the magnet sticks to some parts of the body and not on some parts, then it is certain that the car had somebody work done on it.

Other places to check are the hood, trunk, windows, bumper, fenders and the roof. If these seem out of place, you need to look for a different car.

Checking the Interior

Have a look inside the car too. Broken dashboard, damaged mirror, handles, any damaged interior of the car can be an indicator of a frontal accident or some damage to the car. Worn out pedals and a used up driver’s seat will indicate that the car has been driven a lot and has a lot of mileage. Air bag lights will indicate that they have been used or haven’t been properly placed in the car. If the car has a lingering smell, discolored carpets, rust in the trunk will indicate that the car has been flooded with water.

Check Under the Hood of the Car

When you open the hood, the engine, battery and the radiator needs to be grease free and without rust. All the belts and the hoses should be clean and not worn out. Check for spots that are wet to see if there are any leaks. Blackened engine or any other burned or singed areas will indicate that the car has been in a fire.

Check the Tires

This is one of the best ways to check if a used car is a lemon. If the car hasn’t been maintained properly, then the car tired will be worn out or uneven. Check if all the tires are uniform and have the same brand. For optimal safety and stability on the car, all the tires need to be in good condition. If the tires are worn out and uneven it will mean that the owner has put some heavy strain on the tires and the car itself. If the tires are cupped it means that there is some problem with the brakes, steering or the suspension.

Visit a Mechanic

A good mechanic will be able to let you know that a car is a lemon or not. In addition to the basic work done by the mechanic, ask them to do a thorough check if the car has any work done on it or has any underlying issues. A dealership won’t have an issue with lending the car for an inspection. If the car is a lemon, they can be reluctant and that is where you need to get your hands off of it.

What if You Bought a Lemon? Lemon Law Attorneys San Diego Can Help

If you think you got a lemon car, your state lemon laws can help you. If you are in California, you can be protected under the California Lemon Law. With the help of a lemon law lawyer San Diego, you will be able to know what options you have.

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