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Van Horn Law Group: Can You Help Me?

Van Horn Law Firm, P.A., ranked #146 in the Florida Business Bureau’s listing of top businesses and 12 in the Consumer Services and Products category. Van Horn Law Firm, founded by Chad Van Horn, 37, is the second largest bankruptcy law firm based in Broward County out of nearly two hundred firms listed. It is dedicated to serving its clients through personalized, effective and efficient representation.

A legal professional who has worked at Van Horn since 2020, I’ve often assisted clients in resolving financial matters. In this capacity I’ve represented clients in a range of financial matters from business bankruptcies to debt collections.

Bankruptcy attorneys are trained and skilled in dealing with different issues that affect a debtor’s ability to continue business activities. They are also knowledgeable about a wide range of laws, including state, federal, and local ones. A good attorney will have a thorough understanding of laws surrounding bankruptcy as well as other related topics.

This experience is essential for lawyers who work at law firms specializing in bankruptcy issues. The fact that a law professional is able to effectively negotiate with lenders on behalf of a client helps make the case more likely to be successful.

Debt collection is a very difficult aspect of being a business owner. This is because it involves dealing with creditors who may not be able to pay you back. Collecting debts is not always an easy task and it requires the help of an experienced and skillful attorney.

I am not a lawyer but I am able to give legal advice on a variety of financial issues. I’m a member of the Florida Bar Association and a certified public accountant.

You can reach me by phone or by e-mail regarding financial, business and legal questions. In the past, I’ve also provided free consultations by telephone in the event that you would like to speak with a certified public accountant or lawyer about your financial situation. This type of consultation is a free service I offer to my clients.

If you wish to reach me, please feel free to contact me through the website listed below. I look forward to speaking with you.

I’d like to begin by telling you a bit about myself. I live in the Orlando area and I currently own and operate a law practice specializing in commercial law.

I started my law practice in 2020. I have worked in the Orlando area most of my adult life, so I’m extremely familiar with the legal system.

If you’re interested in hiring me, please feel free to contact me via e-mail or telephone. I’m happy to give you a brief description of my services and give you a free consultation.

My main areas of specialization are estate planning, probate, credit and bankruptcy, and tax, among others. I also have experience in some of the most important issues in business law. I’m a member of the Florida Bar Association, a Certified Public Accountant, and an expert witness.

I’m willing to help you with any legal questions that come up regarding the state of your business. Whether you need tax help, or debt assistance, real estate help, or just need some general legal advice, I can help.

My law firm provides legal advice and representation for a variety of commercial and private clients, including the Van Horn Law Group, Kroll Bonding, LLC, Southeastern Commercial Bank, and other local companies and corporations. I serve as the sole representative of these companies.

As a member of the Van Horn Law Group, you can expect access to a full range of expertise. I personally represent each client in a private, individual capacity. I can explain the procedures and the laws in a concise and easy to understand manner.

My professional reputation is impeccable. I have been referred to by multiple legal professionals who have reviewed my work.

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