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Will the California Attorney General File More California Lawsuits?

There are many cases in which it is worth your while to retain the services of a California civil lawyer who is expert in personal injury litigation. These lawsuits are filed by individuals or by organizations on behalf of someone who has been injured, mentally harassed, suffered economic losses, or even killed as a result of another person’s negligence. If you have been harmed as a result of such injuries and it was caused by the fault of another person, then it will be important for you to contact a good attorney immediately and have them file a lawsuit on your behalf. If you have filed the lawsuit against the wrong party, then it may be difficult for you to obtain compensation from them.

One of the main areas of California lawsuits arises from issues surrounding the environmental toxicity of certain companies in the state.

It has been noted that many of these lawsuits are being filed as a result of the fact that some large oil companies have been manipulating data related to their climate change emissions. In many instances, the data has been deliberately altered so as to show a much worse situation for the environment than exists in reality. This kind of environmental litigation is one of the leading causes of death across the globe, and there are plenty of people who believe that it is being perpetrated by a powerful lobby group called “the international warming alarmist” front group. The real issue here is the fact that local governments and school districts are being overruled on this basis alone.

If the courts are willing to allow big oil companies to get away with altering the scientific data so as to protect themselves, then it will be extremely difficult for anyone to prevent further climate change and the consequent damages to humanity.

The courts are becoming more liberal in this regard, but it is unlikely that the courts will allow lawsuits over greenhouse gas emissions. A recent article in Investor’s Business Daily pointed out how “judicial activism” was allowing lawsuits against “key members” of the Environmental Protection Agency and EPA in the last few years: EPA Administrator (and former Texas Governor) George Soros; Undersecretary of the Interior Bridenstine; Assistant Attorney General James M. Seif; former California Attorney General John Van de Kamp; and former EPA Chief LisaADA Administrator Carol Capra. Apparently, they all knew about the extent of global warming in the past, but they are determined to protect the oil industry from any sort of accountability.

No one will be surprised if the Obama administration files a few more lawsuits against those who are doing their job, as their record is just as bad as those of the Bush administration.

Indeed, the White House itself has threatened to file a lawsuit against the state of New York for its attempt to hold the Bush administration accountable for the effects of global warming. Now that they have their jobs back, it will be interesting to see how many more lawsuits of this nature they will file in the future. If the White House and EPA are not careful, they may find themselves on the wrong side of the law.

Most people are completely unaware that these lawsuits are even possible.

Those who have read about them, however, know that they are not likely to go away any time soon. The attorneys general of both parties have been busy in the last few months, filing lawsuits against each other in both state and federal court. Many of these lawsuits seek damages for environmental damage caused by climate change and global warming, while others seek to hold individual corporations accountable for their emissions of greenhouse gases.

As these suits and the controversy continue to build, many who doubt that man-made global warming is causing global warming have suggested that perhaps the federal government should file its own lawsuits against those who doubt the seriousness of the issue.

While many believe that the EPA already has too many lawsuits pending, the administration is said to be preparing the way for more of the same. If it cannot get its way through the courts and win, there is no doubt that we will soon see many more frivolous lawsuits filed across the country. Will we ever move away from our dependence on high fossil fuel consumption?

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