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Gannett Class Action Lawsuit

There has been much written lately about the Gannett class action lawsuit funding company. There are claims that it is a fraud, that it is a pyramid scheme and/or that there are a lot of complaints from people trying to get their money back from the program. Is this company fraud or legal? And if so, why do they have such a bad reputation? Read on to find out more.

First of all, let me give you a little information about Gannett.

Gannett is a company that offers a legal settlement funding program to people who want to settle their lawsuits. This is not like taking out a bank loan and paying it back over time. The people who have sued do not want to pay these lawsuits back so they need a way to get their money now. They can do that by getting a lawsuit loan from this company. Gannett goes under the name of “Lawsuit Direct” and they provide this service to individuals.

Now, a lot of people will ask if this company is legal. Gannett is listed as an approved provider by the American Association of Class Action Lawyers (AACAL) and they are also licensed by the State Bar Association of Texas. This shows that both of these groups believe that the company is legal. Additionally, they are members of the American Lawyer Association and they are a member of the National Association of Personal Injury Lawyers. All of these groups to ensure that the people who are helped by Gannett are not involved in any wrongdoing and they are protected by law.

Gannett has a different way of doing their lending programs.

Before they start lending money, they require a potential plaintiff to sign a non-disclosure agreement. This means that if the person does not disclose any information about them, they cannot sue the company for any liabilities later on. Once this is signed, then the suit can go forward and the people who are being sued cannot sue the company. Basically, this protects the company and allows it to make money while providing legal representation to those filing a lawsuit.

Many people are confused about why they would even need to use Gannett’s services.

After all, aren’t lawsuits automatically awarded money when filing? No, it’s not like that. The reason is that many plaintiffs do not have the money available to hire their own legal teams to fight their lawsuits. In many instances, they are left with no other option but to accept the settlement offer that is given to them in a Gannett lawsuit settlement.

Why would you want to use Gannett if they are giving you a deal that is inferior?

The answer to that question is simple. If you don’t get your money plus any interest after filing the lawsuit, you could end up owing thousands of dollars to the company that is being sued. Yes, you will have to pay the high cost of the class action lawsuit, but you will also have to pay thousands upon thousands of dollars in interest. Many people get into financial trouble because they try to settle their claims without actually knowing if they are going to get a fair deal. Many of these people end up owing more money than the actual damages they sustained.

The best way to ensure that you get a good settlement is to take advantage of the Gannett class action lawsuit system.

There are many different companies that are willing to give out a reasonable settlement if you are willing to ask for it in a Gannett lawsuit. Essentially, you will be paying someone else to represent you in court so you have to pay out of pocket for the legal expenses, not to mention the huge interest you will owe the company that gave you the settlement. By using Gannett, you will often save a lot of money while having the peace of mind of always knowing that you have representation.

Now that you understand the importance of taking advantage of the Gannett class action lawsuit system, you can see why so many people prefer to use this method to settle their Gannett lawsuit. You should never settle your case without first trying to get as many of your claims resolved as possible. In fact, settling your case without trying to go after a claim is actually worse than winning. You will lose some of the credibility you have built up and you may find that your attorney is unwilling to help you with future settlements if you do not go after all of your cases. Overall, if you are unable to pursue a case and decide to accept a settlement, the Gannett class action lawsuit system is certainly a great way to do so.

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