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MI Windows and Doors Class Action Lawsuit

The Class Action Lawsuit Result in Changes in Door and Window Installation Safety

MI Windows and Doors are a leading manufacturer of commercial and residential doors in the United States. They are a large producer of commercial doors, which include glass doors, commercial garage doors, commercial sliding doors, commercial bifold doors, interior doors, office doors, security doors, exterior doors, overhead doors, roller doors, and many more types of doors. In this article we will look at the Lawsuit filed by the Class Action Lawsuit against them over their manufacturing defects.

In the Class Action Lawsuit, the consumers claimed that they were being exposed to dangerous lead, which was contained in the glass used by the doors manufacturers.

Lead is a heavy metal, which can cause various health problems including high blood pressure, cancer, and even death. As a result, the manufacturers changed the lead content in the glass used in all their glass doors. This affected all the doors that the company manufactured. When the Class Action Lawsuit was filed in the United States District Court, the plaintiffs were able to receive compensation for all of the individuals who have suffered from the lead poisoning.

The doors manufacturers failed to take any action when it was discovered that there were lead leaks in all their doors. They knew about these leaks, but did not do anything to correct it. It is not clear whether they paid any attention to the danger of lead, or whether they just did not care, but either way they were negligent in their manufacturing policies.

When the Class Action Lawsuit was filed, they are seeking monetary damages for the injuries sustained by the individuals.

All the Class Members who suffered from the injuries was not included in the initial list of Class Representatives. As a result of this, they were all excluded from the lawsuit. There were no records of the Class Representatives receiving payment from the manufacturers. They were only informed about the lawsuit when their lawyers notified them of the case.

There were several windows and doors manufacturers’ workers who were involved in the Class Action Lawsuit.

All of the workers received similar injuries due to the negligence of the doors manufacturers. It did not take long for the courts to determine that all of these employees were owed compensation. In all, over 80 people received monetary payments from the doors and windows manufacturers’ companies. Many of the injured workers received significant financial compensations because they had chronic health problems and had to be forced to stop working because of their disabilities.

At first, the doors manufacturers’ company denied any liability.

However, after being pressed by the attorneys, they finally admitted to all of the lawsuits, except for one specific instance. They admitted that the material used on all of their windows and doors was made from lead and arsenic. These hazardous materials should not be used on a regular basis. There were many other instances in which the company failed to maintain the proper safety measures, which resulted in workers being injured, and sometimes dying.

The MI Windows and Doors Class Action Lawsuit were eventually won by the workers and their representatives.

In the end, the doors manufacturers’ company was forced to pay out over $75 million in damages, and is currently appealing the court’s ruling. Although this may seem like an enormous sum of money, the main point is that the court felt that the negligence of one particular manufacturer was enough to create a safety hazard, which was the direct cause of the accident. Although there were cases like this in the past, this is the first time that a class-action lawsuit has been successfully won due to the negligence of a manufacturer.

Although the doors and windows manufacturers’ company may feel humbled, it does not necessarily mean that they have lost any sleep over their actions. The court found that the company did not know the extent of their liability and still tried to fight the case. If a court was to ever find a manufacturer with such a large number of liabilities, then other industries could also be sued for injuries caused by their products.

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