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5 Things to Expect During the Divorce Process

Nobody thinks they’re going to get divorced, but unfortunately, it happens to be about 38% of couples. It’s a difficult process to go through because it’s so emotional for all parties involved.

Knowing what to expect during the divorce process is one way to cushion undue emotion and stress.

To help you through it all, here are 5 things to expect along the way.

1. Divorce Law and Filing for a Divorce

Before you hire lawyers, it’s helpful to understand the divorce law in your state. The divorce proceedings differ depending on the state that you live in.

The divorce process begins once you’ve filed a form. This serves as the original petition for divorce. The form will be filed to the court in your county.

Once the form is processed, the court will inform your spouse.

2. Marital Property Decisions and Debt

When it comes to decisions around marital property and debt, you’ll either need to come to an agreement with your spouse, or you will argue about it in court. When it comes to decisions around marital property and debt, you’ll either come to an agreement with your spouse or argue about it in court.

The easier option is to come to an agreement with your spouse, but the circumstances don’t always allow for this.

A neutral third party can assist you and your spouse in dividing your marital property.

Your state divorce laws will dictate how you divide your marital debt (debt accrued after you’ve married). It helps to discuss this with your spouse before the proceedings.

3. Spousal Support

Spousal support, also known as alchemy, is support paid to one spouse by the other. It’s typically separate from child support or marital division and helps cushion the income of the other spouse.

The process for spousal support will differ based on your state law.

4. Child Support and Visitation

If you have children, the decisions involved in child support and visitation are critical to your divorce case. It’s always better for the couple to figure this out on their own and come to an agreement.

You’ll need to decide where your children will live, how much time they will spend with each parent, and who will make their legal decisions.

When negotiating child support, the income of each person and the assets involved will all be taking into consideration.

5. Final Judgment of the Divorce

The final judgment occurs after all the legal decisions involved in the divorce process are made. This decision is a binding order from the court that legally ends the marriage and includes the details of the above issues.

Once the final judgment occurs, the divorce process is over.

Now You Know What to Expect During the Divorce Process

These are 5 of the most important things to expect during the divorce process. Though the process may involve more questions depending on your circumstances, these are 5 things that most divorcing couples must be prepared to deal with.

Because divorces are taxing, mentally preparing yourself to answer these questions can cushion you from unnecessary stress. Hiring a good lawyer will also help you achieve a successful outcome and feel confident in your decisions.

It may seem like the end of the world now, but know that the future is brighter than you think!

And if you’re interested in reading about other similar topics, be sure to check out the rest of our blog. We have a bunch of other articles on legal topics that you’ll love!

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