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How to Find Fathers Rights Lawyers in Illinois

Looking for a lawyer specializing in fathers’ rights in Illinois? You can do so online by navigating to the attorney’s profile. Profiles of fathers’ rights attorneys include biographical information, contact information, education, and links to their firm website and personal biography. These profiles also contain a contact form, making it simple to reach out to a lawyer and discuss your case. Listed below are some tips to help you find the right lawyer for your case.

Parenting time is a right under Illinois law

A bill that would have given mothers and fathers equal parenting time has been introduced in the Illinois House of Representatives. Unfortunately, the bill failed to pass because of the pandemic that is affecting our society. Rather than investing in programs and social services, government leaders have cut funding for these programs. In addition, schools have been closed to protect teens from harm. Meanwhile, carjackings committed by teens are on the rise in nearly every city in the country.

In the past, the courts of Illinois have focused on the child’s best interests. However, these days, they must consider other factors as well. These are meant to determine a parenting schedule that works for both parents and the child. Parents with conflicting behavior may have different needs and be forced to work around one another’s schedules. This can be particularly difficult when a parent is extremely contentious or blames the other parent for any flaws.

Child support is a factor in fathers’ rights lawyers Illinois

When it comes to child support, a father’s rights attorney in Illinois will be able to assist you in securing the child support you deserve. Although many states write child support laws to equalize the rights of both parents, they are confusing and can be confusing for the fathers involved. A father’s rights attorney can help you navigate the legal waters and obtain the child support you deserve.

Under Illinois law, the non-custodial parent must pay at least a certain percentage of their income. The percentage increases as the number of children increases, from one child to six. Generally, the court will deviate from this percentage based on circumstances. If one parent earns more than the other parent, they may be able to pay less than the guideline amount. However, if one parent earns more than the other, he or she may have to pay more. If one parent does not have enough money to pay more than the guideline amount, the court will add necessary expenses to the child support calculation.

Unwed fathers may be able to obtain residential parenting rights

The courts have a special rule for unwed fathers that sets the parameters for determining their parenting rights and responsibilities. While it is assumed that children will benefit most from both parents’ involvement, the court will also consider any evidence that suggests harm to the child. An attorney who specializes in family law will be able to explain these rules and help unwed fathers obtain their rights.

Oftentimes, unwed fathers can seek custody or sole custody of their children. In some cases, fathers can establish paternity without challenges and then petition the court for joint custody or sole custody. However, if the paternity of a child is challenged, a father can still petition for sole custody. An unmarried father may be able to establish paternity without challenges, but if paternity is questioned, a father should seek the advice of a family law attorney.

How to find a father’s rights lawyer

If you are considering divorce, you may want to hire a father’s rights lawyer in Illinois. In Illinois, child custody agreements, known as Allocation Judgments, detail both parents’ responsibilities to their children. Child allocation plans include specific details regarding the time each parent spends with the child, transportation arrangements, decision-making responsibilities, and so forth. Attorneys who practice father’s rights in Illinois are highly regarded by the courts and are often found by using online directories such as Super Lawyers.

Regardless of the parenting arrangement, the law in Illinois requires that it serve the best interests of the child. While the law does not favor either parent over the other, there may be some unspoken bias that can influence the court to favor one parent over another. For this reason, it is crucial to consult with an experienced lawyer who specializes in father’s rights. In Illinois, the Law Offices of Donald J. Cosley provide results-oriented representation to clients in the greater Chicago area.

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